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steven salerno & audrey vernick

It’s always exciting to find a new illustrator to love. My early morning Twitter check-in paid off big time with pal Audrey Vernick’s link to Steven Salerno’s illustrations for her upcoming book, Brothers At Bat. I love the story line, based on a true story: the twelve Acerras brothers (from NJ) who formed a family baseball team.

Check out Steven’s blog with his illustrations and sketches for the book. Always such a pleasure to see the process an artist goes through to create their work.

This is the second baseball book for Audrey – we came to know each other through She Loved Baseball,  her picture book on Effa Manley, another New Jersey baseball luminary. I have her first Middle Grade novel, Water Balloon on the top of my stack of books. Awesome to start the day off with such bodacious talent. A tip of the cap to Steven and Audrey!

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