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wendy wahman dogs & cats

SCBWI Western Washington had a booth at Bookfest last weekend and I saved up my pennies to book shop from University Book Store, this year’s SCBWIWWA bookseller. There were two books I knew I wanted for sure: Don’t Lick the Dog and A Cat Like That, both by Wendy Wahman and published by Henry Holt. Each book is a cautionary celebration of how best to relate to our pets, and each is visually inventive, drenched in color and crammed full of action.

I bought Don’t Lick the Dog for a young friend who recently visited and chased my corgi Oliver all over the house. I bought A Cat Like That¬†simply for its glorious artwork. Long live Wendy Wahman – and long may she keep making picture books. She’s downright inspiring. Have an awesome Wednesday, all.

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  1. Thank you Tina!
    My god you are talented. I just wandered through the halls here, and they are warm and brilliant, so saturated with color and mood it follows my heart.
    xo Wendy

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