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jump, pig, jump!

Before leaving for LA, I printed up business cards and cards to put out with my portfolio at the SCBWI conference this coming weekend. I hadn’t been on the press for a long time and had honestly forgotten how much I love the slow process of building the type and images into a finished design. Letter by letter, upside down and backwards: one of my favorite meditations. Then, the printing – the pleasure of laying out multiple images, the satisfaction of crisp type on beautiful paper. In the type run for the jumping pig, printed on handmade individual sheets of Italian paper, getting the type square was difficult and I only realized halfway through that a minute adjustment would bring the type into a more perfect alignment. In the past I might have thrown up my hands, shed tears, insisted on reprinting. But this time I just accepted that I was tired, that the uneven paper was a challenge, that the piece still looked great and that few have as critical an eye as I do. I took the lesson that I needed to be rested, that I needed to take more time at this task, that I need to print more often to get my mojo up and running, and that sometimes good is good enough, all things considered.

Chilling in LA and looking forward to the conference.


  1. Love the business card! Almost looks like a play on the expression, “When pigs fly” which is very cute, funny, and memorable. Best of luck and wishing you lots of fun at the conference. Wish I was going!

  2. Thanks, Rene. Wish you could be there too. It’s going to be a mighty gathering.

  3. looks like time well-spent, love the biz card.

  4. It was fun to get back to it again, Carol. We are overdue for a gab. What do you say?

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