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mr. lincoln

I spent part of last week in Washington DC. It was salutory to be in the capitol while the State of the Union speech was given, to look out upon the geometry of the National Mall from the Washington Monument and to walk the length of it in the mists of snow.

This is a country that places the sequined shoes of a mythical girl, the top hat of its greatest leader and the re-assembled kitchen of it most eloquent culinary missionary as neighbors in its national history museum. I saw them all, and returned home as the news from the middle east gathered momentum in the national press.

This week, Inspiration Wednesday must be the people asking for freedom of expression, equal rights and the ability to define their own destiny in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and their neighbors. It is impossible to know what the outfall will be, but the voices are very clear. We did something unique when we founded this country on the principles of freedom and democracy, and the repercussions are still being felt. A tip of the hat to the grave, wise and eminently human Abraham Lincoln, who guarded those principles until his death.

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